Rainy Day Branding

Where the Cold Wind Blows (on Brand New) documents a dynamic identity for two municipalities — Gamvik and Lebesby — in the county of Finnmark, Norway. This relates, on one level or another, to everything in this blog, but specifically the question of dynamic identity being mistaken for flexible identity, and all identities being flexible, but some being more flexible than others (to coin a coined phrase).

We’re seeing quite a few identities taking advantage of the rise of a) the screen and b) digital print as primary communication tools, to create identities which move, responding to a range of variable ‘input’ data (in this case, the weather) but a lot of which seem to have similar (faceted, gradiated, modular) outcomes. It is noted on the blog that there are indeed aesthetic similarities to the Sagmeister Casa del Musica project.

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