A Move to Let Logos Carry More of the Message

Following our recent post about flexible identity, in this NY Times article, Wolff Olins CEO Karl Heiselman states;

“In the past, corporate identity was about control and consistency… With too much control, what happens is that people forget about the content.”

Ne’er a truer word spoken, though we’re going to have to get our thinking caps on to escape the zeitgeist, if the brand giants are slowly coming round to this idea… though I suspect that the title of the article perhaps reveals this as the wolf in sheeps clothing which it possibly is.

One thought on “A Move to Let Logos Carry More of the Message”

  1. Update, Aug 2011:

    We’ve written before about coherency over consistency, but now think we can add currency and content to that list. Will try to think of some others not beginning with ‘C’ to get us out of the mindlessly alliterating management-speak territory.

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