Dynamic Identity

An interesting new book… more of this to follow.

Tricksters Tricked, Tramps Duped

A Project from Werkplaats Typographie, offering the uncovering of identity. And while we’re on, what about this ‘anti-brand*’?


“Everyone knows that Glaswegians live, breathe, eat and sleep style”

I’d meant to post about this a while back, but now that Glasgow’s Style Mile has its own iPhone app, thought it might be a good time to do so. And it’s been a while.

Incase readers are wondering, its a mile because Glaswegians (and visitors to Glasgow) are so stylish they can only remember things that rhyme.

Criminally over-looked; Glasgow’s fashionable hectare, Glasgow’s elegant kilometre, Glasgow’s sophisticated square-yard, Glasgow’s achingly-cool acre (think that’s enough style/distance/area combo’s –ed)…

Local Branding for Local People


This post picks up some of the issues around the identity of ‘Creative Scotland’.

“The newspaper dismissed this [design] idea as ‘art’…

…and to us, that is an insult”

From the makers of Uncorporate Identity.

Identity Disorder

From Shell to BP, the questions over brand, corporate identity and ownership continue.

Cultural Identities

For those interested in the (corporate) ‘branding’ of culture and cultural institutions, this looks like an enlightened antedote: Cultural Identities

Lamps of Memory

More on the ongoing popularising (if there is such a word) of flexible identity and adaptive branding, from digit.

Civic Cities, Public and Private

Civic City (Part2) is a very interesting looking symposium on Neoliberalism and Urban Policy. It takes as its primary case study the city of Marsaille, and takes a cross-disciplinary look at how Graphic Design is implicated in the visual representation of Urban Issues. Closer to home is this conference in Leeds on housing privatisation, which is linked, in part, to some of the issues raised by Malcolm Fraser in this recent Herald article.

Images: Civic City (part 1)

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The Future of Flexible Identity

In recent correspondence, Off-Brand reader ‘Keith’ poses the question of whether ‘Flexible Identity’, (with a book due out from Rotovision, and the topic being picked up by that bastion of ‘late-to-the-party-ness’ Design Week), has had its day? The jury’s out, and of course, off-brandedness, (as distinct from flexible identities) still has plenty of gas in the tank.

In terms of how much further flexible identity could go, this visually *sparky* design (for the European Design Festival in Rotterdam) from StudioDumbar(1), makes me want to move to the Netherlands, where people generally seem (to me) more relaxed about this sort of thing.

(1) Their Performance of Sniff & Kiss, a portrait of Studio Dumbar, at Typo Berlin 2010 Saturday 22nd of May, sounds interesting.

Decoded Brands

Great to see decode at the V&A commissioning an open-source identity for their exhibition, and releasing the source code for the public to play with.

More on open-source branding (from a while back) here.

Walk the Walker

A brand-related article from the past; Nick Bell talking of Flexible (and reflexive) Identities: The Walker Art Center has a new identity – multi-voiced, reflexive – that does exactly what it says, (and here is a little more context).