The (whole) Identity of the 1972 Munich Olympics

I was contacted recently by Alexander Negrelli, a researcher at the Jan van Eyck Academie, who is about to publish a book called Kommando Otl Aicher, looking at terrorism, politics, sport and design through the lens of visual identity. I’m really interested in what connections or parallels may be made between the corporate design for the Munich ’72 Olympics (which graphic designers can sometimes tend to fetishise to the point of cliché) and the broader issues of the political context of the time, and its impact on the games. I look forward to its publication, however due to funding issues within the Dutch arts, this has been delayed until later this summer. A trailer can be viewed below.

I’ve written a bit more about this, and connections to a forthcoming symposium on Munich ’72 here:  M’72 Legacy « Visual Communication.

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