The Future of Flexible Identity

In recent correspondence, Off-Brand reader ‘Keith’ poses the question of whether ‘Flexible Identity’, (with a book due out from Rotovision, and the topic being picked up by that bastion of ‘late-to-the-party-ness’ Design Week), has had its day? The jury’s out, and of course, off-brandedness, (as distinct from flexible identities) still has plenty of gas in the tank.

In terms of how much further flexible identity could go, this visually *sparky* design (for the European Design Festival in Rotterdam) from StudioDumbar(1), makes me want to move to the Netherlands, where people generally seem (to me) more relaxed about this sort of thing.

(1) Their Performance of Sniff & Kiss, a portrait of Studio Dumbar, at Typo Berlin 2010 Saturday 22nd of May, sounds interesting.

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