Faber Finds generative book covers

PostSpectacular gives us an intro to the generative book cover software for a new service from Faber – printing on demand copies of books currently out of print.

One thought on “Faber Finds generative book covers”

  1. The editor adds:

    “As an initial commercial foray into the potential of print on demand and the generative possibilities of Processing (http://processing.org/) this is breaking new ground. However the identity of the books is still faber (and ‘faber finds’) rather than related to the books themselves, and though each one is technically ‘different’, they all look the same. Probably technically impossible at the moment, but of interest, would be a cover generator which could analyse the text of the book, possibly cross referencing that with web-based text on similar topics, and arrive at a distinct typestyle, image and layout for that particular book, aggregate that with some kind of faber finds identity, then produce a book cover.”

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