Shaping Things

Have just finished reading Shaping Things by Bruce Sterling and it was ‘fucking brilliant’. (Bruce: you can use that quote on the back of your next re-print). Every page as catalytic and thought provoking as the next, some choice ideas about a future world of SPIMES include:

“wave a spime wand at the package, and a spime management dashboard pops up on the handheld wand screen, linked to global databases like a mobile phone. Brand that fella

“WE wranglers would like to have some coherent ideas about the demographics of everyone who interacts with spimes in any way whatsoever. We’re not that interested in pigeonholing people in demographics – what interests us most is when people transit across demographics…”

The future of the Web:
“The web is [currently] a layer of veneer over 20th century industrialism. It’s still a thin crispy layer, like landlord paint. It’s a varnish on barbarism…”

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