If I pretend to be asleep for long enough…

… I just might be able to give these two losers the slip.

News of some recent projects for the Six-Cities design festival, the first is Glasgow is made by us, of which the bike controlled animation above is part. Also includes some lovely transport maps crafted by Claudia Chase, bright yellow public deckchairs and some video animations of the covering in of Glasgow’s dire urban motorways. Another is the Scottish Show Billboard and associated Website which got a bit of coverage in Design Week and the Glasgow Evening Times.

Pastiche is a tricky one at the best of times, but I thought it justified on this occasion as it suited the space available and seemed the most effective way of provoking the responses I was looking for, raising what I consider to be important issues to do with Glasgow, Design and Public Space. All in all, threw up some interesting issues, and was quite enlightening in terms of feedback. It also revealed another great truth:

Never Google thyself, or any projects thy hath worked on, for fear of finding people who hardly know thee discussing thy suitability for certain jobs.

This is obviously in complete contradiction to my own recommendations to others, but what’s the point of dishing out advice, if you can’t completely fail to heed it yourself?

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