A Cameraphone Writes (Again):

“Hi, Neil’s camera-phone here again, just keeping you up to date with some of the stuff I’m snapping…”

“Spotted this photocopier toner slick heading east across a puddle in the Polloksheilds area of Glasgow, on an otherwise grey and dull day. Thankfully no wildlife was harmed in this spill, though one can’t look at this image without casting your mind back to the great SprayMount explosion of ’97, when the wings of several thousand pigeons became ‘slightly tacky.’

“This is just one example of criminal overpackaging we encounter on a daily basis, and has re-invigorated Neils commitment to taking cartridges to non-brand re-fill/recycling shops instead. Micheal Surtees has some interesting stuff at design notes about packaging in relation to digital ‘non-tangible’ content, and our desire as consumers for a ‘box’, in some cases the bigger the better.”

“Publishers take note; Neil has recently become addicted to buying books online and these are the two most recent additions to the collection. Something new from KesselsKramer, and something old from Neil Postman, (thanks to Zoe for the tip off).”

Ed: That’s enough talking appliances…

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