Adverts about adverts and no adverts about nothing

If you’re resident in the UK, unless you’ve been walking round with your head stuck up your arse for the past two weeks, you can’t have failed to notice Apple’s adverts for adverts – the bus stop/underground ads advertising their online Mitchell and Webb adverts. Am eagerly awaiting a verdict from a media planning friend as to whether the ads are effective (or just plain annoying), but in the meantime this (image below) is an intersting comparison with, one could argue, greater visual impact: no ads about nothing at Tower Hill underground station:

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  1. On Apples most recent campaign, an ‘industry insider’ writes;

    “The smug superiority has not gone down well the British public. Pre campaign buzz levels and brand value were at around 20. With the new campaign it has fallen bellow 10 on buzz!!! The brand itself is maintaining but the campaign is most definitely a flop. “

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