Fly Safe, Fly Nude.

There are times when certain ideas come of age, where the previously unthinkable and outlandish suddenly click into place. Nude Airways© is one such idea. Originally conceived by me over a year ago, Nude Airways perfectly fits the niche in the market for a genuine ‘terror-free’ flight. An Airway specialising in totally naked travel, it would rightly lay claim to be the safest airline in the world on two counts.

#1. The lack of any clothing or belongings for staff or passengers would prevent anyone from smuggling, concealing or covertly transporting explosive or dangerous objects onto the plane.

#2. The compulsory nudity on the flight would be an environment totally unbecoming to any terrorist or person of extreme disposition as it would be totally at odds with their fundamental thinking. Also the generally jovial atmosphere and air of bonhomie and equality created by the nudity would make acts of terror towards your fellow man/woman unthinkable.

With the introduction of luggage free flights, it is surely only a matter of time before this business idea becomes a reality. Now where did I put that application form for Dragons’ Den?….

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