Rubbish Branding

I can’t quite explain why I enjoy it so much, but there’s nothing more heartening than seeing a big national brand hand rendered. This, (though you might be forgiven for thinking the lottery was happening in the bin), looked like the initiative of the newsagent owner just down the road.

Similar sights can be seen all over India, where most roadside ads and shop fronts are hand rendered by local craftsmen so in any one trip you might see hundereds of slightly different coca cola signs etc.

The joy of this is not to be mistaken for the handrendered ‘look’ which many big companies incorporate in order to tick the ‘creative’, ‘informal’ or ‘school jotter’ boxes, and which is just as cynical as more traditional and formal corporate brand design. It is the fact that someone took their own initiative to do this, using their own skill, from the bottom up, without any of the control freakery usually associated with brand guidelines and such.

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