New Brand Year Resolutions

It would be remiss of us to let the new year commence without suggesting some resolutions/predictions for all working with brands in 2006.

#1/The Benefit Test.
When designing for brands, ask who is benefiting from the work you do. Does it benefit the end consumer or user, or society in general? If not then scrap it and start again.

#2/Less is More.
2006 will be the year of the loose/flexible brand. Simplicity rules. Look at what you’ve done and take out as much as you can. Lead by inspiration rather than instruction. Trust other people who will be working with the brand to bring their own interpretations and ideas to the table.

#3/Offbrand Friday.
Set aside a day a week for free un-constrained creative thought. Thinking ‘outside the box’ is so 2005. Thinking ‘Offbrand’ is the new black.

Other predictions for ’06:

Someone, (like me), will proclaim the end of advertising/death of marketing.

Posh Spice will set fire to herself in public in order to generate publicity for her next ‘final’ album.

We won’t see the end of advertising. Most things will be more or less the same.

Please add your own predictions or resolutions in the comments section.

Happy 2006!

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