Leeds. I’m Lovin’ It.

The Leeds brand (already discussed in this blog) has been lauched to the usual civic fanfare and popular derision which accompanies these events: Read more â??hereâ??

In the spirit of the mindless nonsense that constitutes this branding effort, I propose a competition to come up with an even dumber slogan to market this fine city. Please leave suggestions – your starters for ten:

All roads lead to leeds.

LEEDing, not following.

And a suggestion from Richard Elvin, USA:

Leeds. Been there. Hate it. (though obviously this is rather childish…)

see if you can do any better/worse…

One thought on “Leeds. I’m Lovin’ It.”

  1. Leeds has needs [please give generously]
    All roads lead to Leeds [as good a reason as any to visit]
    Leeds: It’s not half bad [just those in Beeston – that’s perhaps in bad taste so apologies in advance]
    Only 1hr 59 minutes to London

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